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5 Things To Know About Storm Doors

When bad weather comes calling, make sure your home is protected. A storm door protects your home's entry door from bad weather, provides additional ventilation and can create an extra layer of security for your home. Choosing to add a storm door to your home (or replace a poorly performing storm door) may extend the life of your entry door, keeping it looking good and performing well for much longer. In summer, a storm door can be a relief from the sweltering heat, allowing breezes to enter your home, while keeping pesky bugs at bay. In the winter, the addition of a storm door can help keep chilly winter weather from making its way into your home.

Maybe you already have a storm door... or maybe you've never even heard the term before. Either way, we'd like to share a few tidbits that you may not know about storm doors to help you make better decisions for your home and family. Without further ado, here are 5 things you should know about storm doors.


The Shape of Your Windows: A Window into your Personality

In addition to the many colors, styles and materials you can choose from when designing your custom door, storm doors are available in various combinations of glass and screen panels. Often, panels can be removed or changed, so you can adjust the style of your storm door to fit the season. For example, in the summer you may want to utilize more screens to allow the fresh breeze to enter your home, providing proper ventilation during hot weather. In the winter, however, you may want to have only glass panels in your storm door to provide additional insulation and protection from the chilly weather.


Storm doors provide an extra layer of protection against all kinds of inclement weather. They insulate your home the same way storm windows and double paned windows do-by creating a barrier of warm air that stays trapped between the storm door and entry door and prevents cold weather from entering your home. Not only do storm doors serve as a shield for your entry door and your home, they also keep the rain, ice and snow from building up in your doorway. When the sun's rays are at their most intense, a storm door will deflect the rays and diffuse the intensity of the heat, preventing your entry door from fading or warping. No matter what weather your home endures, storm doors keep your home looking and feeling great.


Weather's not the only thing a storm door can protect you from. If security is a concern for your home, choose from storm doors that come equipped with protective grilles, heavy duty security glass and multi-point locking systems to discourage and inhibit intruders. The multipoint locking system is usually comprised of three locks: a keyed deadbolt that secures in the door jamb, as well as hooks at the top and bottom of the frame.

Choosing to add a storm door to your home (or replace a poorly performing storm door) may extend the life of your entry door, keeping it looking good and performing well for much longer.


Boost the energy efficiency of your home by adding durable, high-performing storm doors. Typically composed of three layers-the front and back layers consist of an aluminum skin, while the center layer is foam insulation-storm doors provide an extra pocket of insulation for entry doors. Often, entry doors serve as one of the main points of air leakage in homes. Weak points along the sides, top and bottom of an entry door are protected by the addition of a storm door, which helps block weather from entering the home. Plus, Champion storm doors come equipped with Low-E glass, which improves efficiency and protects from UV rays. When you're able to keep your house properly sealed, your cooling and heating systems don't have to work as hard, which means that you save money and stay comfortable.


Champion offers several storm door series, so you can choose the best option for your home. Our Standard Series storm doors feature durable, maintenance-free extruded aluminum frames in traditional styles, for an easy and sturdy choice. Our Premium Series storm doors feature durable, overlapping, maintenance-free extruded aluminum frames with color-matched expanders, dual weatherstripping, two matching closers and designer screw covers to conceal exterior mounting screws. In addition, you can select optional features that include decorative handsets, electronic keypad deadbolts, leversets and knobsets, magazine clots, peepsites and much more. We'll design, manufacture and expertly install your custom Champion storm door to meet your exact needs and fit your home perfectly.

Whether you're interested in protection from the elements, extending the life of your entry door, or amping up your home's security, a high quality, expertly installed storm door can make a huge difference for your home. Reach out to a Champion representative near you for a free consultation. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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