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6 Tips to Cool Your Home

When you’re combating extreme summer temperatures, you tend to seek out shade, cool sips of lemonade, and a refreshing breeze.

It helps to have quality windows, too. Champion’s Comfort 365 Glass keeps cool air in during the summer, blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays, and provides you better control over the temperature of your home. With Champion windows, your thermostat doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable during those long summer months.

Beyond having quality windows, however, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you feel at home in your home. Below are some tips that can help you use your windows (and other household appliances and decor) to transform a hot, stuffy home into a comfortable abode.

1. Free up your air flow

When trying to create ventilation, you don’t have to open all of your windows to take full advantage of those refreshing outdoor breezes. Instead, try opening certain key windows to allow a beneficial airflow through your home.

“Think of your home as a square,” says Champion Product Manager Robert Thompson on the subject. “If you divide that square into quadrants, look to have open windows in the farthest opposing quadrants to take advantage of those spring, summer, and fall breezes.”

For the best results, make sure to keep interior doors open within your home to facilitate air flow between windows.

2. Have a two-story home?

Regulating the temperature of a two-story home can be challenging. To make the process a little easier, try opening windows on the first floor that face the wind to bring cooler air into your home. On the second floor, open windows that don’t face the wind, to usher warm air out.

You can help the ventilation along by using ceiling fans on the second floor to further pull cooler air up and push warmer air out. Two-stories, one happy (and well-ventilated) ending!

3. Stacked ventilation

One neat trick for bringing in cooler air, while ushering out warmer air, is stacked ventilation. Try opening the bottom of your windows to allow cooler air to enter your home. Then, open the top of your windows to let warmer air escape.

4. Ceiling fans

We’re fans of fans. As a complementary component to your thermostat system, a ceiling fan can work to diffuse heat by circulating the air in a room.

Most fans have directional arrows to guide you in their installation and operation. If not, don’t worry. There’s a simple way to remember their functionality: blade down, air pulled up. Blade up, air pushed down.

Use the ceiling fan to draw warm air the direction that will help make the room more comfortable.

5. Tilt the window blinds

Just closing your blinds to block heat during the day isn’t the answer. Why have windows if you’re never able to enjoy the natural light or beautiful views they afford?

Instead, be strategic. Tilt the slats of your blinds so that the sunlight shines up, rather than down. By directing sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, you can diffuse the strength of that light and thereby reduce the heat it produces.

Diffused light = reduced heat = cooler room.

6. Pick lighter colors

When selecting treatments for your windows, lean toward lighter colors. They reduce heat gain by reflecting light. Cream-colored window blinds will diffuse the heat in your home much more efficiently than, say, navy blue blinds, which are more likely to absorb and project heat.

By implementing these helpful tips, you can make your home more comfortable when the temperature starts to soar. Whether it’s time to update those old, inefficient windows with some Champion windows or simply a matter of tilting your window blinds in the right direction, it’s easy for you to create a space that you’re happy to call home.

Click here to learn more about high-efficiency Champion Windows.

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